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Boosted my confidence

It has only been a week since getting the hair transplant and the results so far are very impressive. There is no scarring in the back of the head and you can’t even tell that hair was removed from the back! Having a new hairline has already boosted my confidence and I couldn’t be happier and I have to thank AHRC for that! Thanks Doc!

by Rudy

couldn’t be happier

I’m a 34-year-old male with relatively minimal thinning on the top of the head near my front hairline. Though my situation isn’t especially severe, the hair loss was noticeable and has hampered my previously boundless confidence. Dr. Dubey and his staff were amazing! The procedure was long, but thanks to his staff keeping me comfortable it went by pretty quick. Getting my hair restored has certainly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I couldn’t be happier with my results!

by Brett

entire process was smooth

I had my hair transplantation done by Dr. Dubey at this clinic. Prior to the transplantation, I was made aware of the entire procedure. On the day of transplantation, the entire process was smooth. I was well taken care by Dr. Dubey and his team. The Artas iX procedure was very very swift and there was no pain throughout the process. [The] entire team was really friendly and they take great care of patients. I would definitely recommend ARTAS® iX procedure from Austin Hair Restoration Clinic to anyone who is looking for hair restoration… The cost of the transplant was also very reasonable and competitive with other clinics.

by Sagar

first-class concierge service

Dr. Dubey and his team are amazing. I’ve never felt the need to write a review but the treatment I got from Austin Hair Restoration Clinic was so above and beyond anything I expected I felt compelled to share my experience. From my first appointment to after my procedure, I got first-class concierge service… Dr. Dubey and his staff were the most knowledgeable I consulted. They walked me through every step of the procedure and every option that was available to me. There was no sales pitch. The doctor personally gave me the information to make an informed decision and he took the time to sit with me on multiple visits to make sure he understood my expectations… I can’t give these people enough stars.

by Mac

hair is already very thick

This is one testimonial and review that I can truly say, I’m happier with the process, my entire experience, and the results I am observing more than I actually thought I would be. Dr. Dubey and Anjali are absolutely a pleasure to work with. The hairline was planned very well and allowed me to have final say. Their technicians are the top in the industry with experience and results. And now 5 months later the hair is already very thick and EXACTLY where it is supposed to be. The randomness of growth is remarkable.

by Tyler

did a great job

I had my hair transplantation done by Dr. Dubey at this clinic in Austin about 2 months ago. Dr. Dubey and his technicians did a great job. The procedure was all day long but there was no significant pain throughout the process. Dr. Dubey and Anjali are great to work with and they both are very prompt at getting back to you if you have any questions. I have started seeing the results already and I am so far happy with the progress. I would definitely recommend Austin Hair Restoration Clinic to anyone who is looking for hair restoration.

by Devendra

top notch

This whole process was top notch. I had a virtual consult and they explained everything to me during that zoom consult. During the day of the procedure it was just as discussed during my consultation visit. The doctor was very professional and the whole office staff made sure I was well taking care of. The procedure itself was painless except for the injection which wasn’t too bad. The next day they made sure to follow up with me and I had minimal pain and by day 3 i didn’t even notice it. Overall experience was amazing and would recommend anyone to their office.

by Michael

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