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ARTAS IX™ Robotic Hair Restoration System & More

Hair restoration technology has come a long way, and our concierge-based clinic is right on the cutting edge. At Austin Hair Restoration Clinic, we specialize in the state-of-the-art ARTAS-IX robotic procedure but also offer unmatched skill and mastery in other hair transplantation methods.

Whichever method you choose, you will be under the care and supervision of Dr. Sanjeev Dubey – a board-certified specialist with decades of experience. Whether you’ve been losing hair for months or years, we have the expertise to help you!

Our Promise

At Austin Hair Restoration Clinic, we believe each person requires a personalized solution, and we offer you a wide variety of innovative treatment options to choose from that will give you the most optimal results:
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  • Robotic FUE: ARTAS® iX Robotic Hair Restoration provides precise, AI-assisted hair harvesting and implantation to give the most natural results and appearance.
  • Manual FUE: Manual Hair Restoration is performed by our highly experienced master technicians who are specialized in FUE extraction methods which require attention to detail and manual dexterity.



  • Medications (oral and topicals) that block the effects of 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme responsible for hair loss in androgenetic alopecia (male/female pattern baldness).
  • Votesse is an all-natural foam and daily vitamin that increases hair’s fullness, shine, and overall health.

The Patient Experience

Our concierge-style clinic prioritizes you! Our patient-focused philosophy is to deliver the best results while ensuring that your experience is stress-free and as comfortable as possible. See what our clients have to say about it:


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