Hats And Hair Loss

By Published On: October 21st, 2021
Hats and hair loss

As we get older, we are more prone to experiencing some level of hair loss. While some of that hair loss is tied to hereditary male or female pattern baldness, the fact is that as you age your hair changes. Over time, your hair doesn’t have the same thickness and volume as it did when you were in your youth.

Knowing this… we can get a bit paranoid and jump to conclusions when we notice any signs of potential hair thinning or loss.

Myths About Hair Loss

Myths often pop up regarding the causes of hair loss. Washing your hair too much or too little, blow drying your hair too much, combing your hair too rigorously, or even wearing hats have all been rumored to do just that.

While performing any of those activities won’t instantly cause your hair to fall out, it’s at least worth taking the time to study up and see if there is the potential for long term negative effects on your hair caused by particular activities. Today we’ll exam if there are any ties to wearing hats and hair loss.

Do Hats And Helmets Cause Hair Loss?

do hats cause hair loss

Many of us know or have seen someone who wears a hat all the time because they’re trying to hide that they are losing their hair. As a result, many of us associate people wearing hats frequently with going bald. Could wearing hats more often – and for prolonged periods of time – to hide balding or thinning hair be accelerating our own hair loss?

The short answer is probably not. The reality is that there is just not enough research that has been done specifically on that topic. That said, avoid wearing a hat or helmet that’s so tight it could cut off your blood circulation to your scalp… as that could damage your hair follicles and cause temporary hair loss which could become permanent if not remedied in a timely matter.

If you are experiencing a lack of proper blood flow to your scalp from an excessively tight hat or helmet for prolonged periods of time, you are effectively leaving your hair malnourished – which could stunt your hair growth in a sense. That said, these are rare and often avoidable circumstances.

Does Covering Your Hair Cause Hair Loss?

In addition to hats and helmets… there are many other hair coverings including wigs, scarves, turbans, and religious garb. Is there any risk in wearing other hair coverings that are not present in hats? There might be.

While this is also an instance of uncommon and typically temporary hair loss, using hair coverings that require clips can weaken hair. The clips attached to your hair could be potentially provoking traction alopecia in the affected areas. This is reversible… but you should address the cause immediately to avoid more permanent hair loss.

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