Common Hair Loss Myths

By Published On: April 7th, 2022
Hair Loss Myths

There are many possible reasons for hair loss and a lot of misinformation on the subject. Unfortunately, as we all know, the internet is great at amplifying misinformation. With that in mind, we would like to address some of the more common myths concerning hair loss, especially regarding technology.

Does Wi-Fi Cause Hair Loss?

Many health myths revolve around computers or electronics, and this one is no different. Because Wi-Fi is something people can’t see, it is especially susceptible to health myths.

However, nothing about Wi-Fi (or how it transmits the internet) directly causes hair loss. No reputable science has been able to prove a link between the two.

Do Computers Cause Hair Loss?

While there is no shortage of wild theories about computers and Wi-Fi to be found online, the reality is that this is yet another myth. There are no electromagnetic waves or signals that make your hair fall out. What makes this one seem plausible is the indirect connection.

Better Not Younger clarifies: “What is perhaps the largest contributor of hair loss in relation to screen time is the stress factor. Stress can come from numerous points in your screen time. Whether it’s due to the work on the other side of the screen, doom-scrolling current events, or even a tense conversation with someone through text, any of these can trigger a stress reaction in a person.

Can Excessive Laptop Use Cause Hair Loss and Whitening?

myths about hair loss

There is no known causal link between hair loss or hair whitening and laptop usage. While frequent laptop users may also experience hair loss, the most common cause is stress- often coupled with one’s work or being a student.

So, using a laptop won’t cause hair loss or whitening, but stressed-out people who might have other bad health habits – and use a laptop – might have hair loss or whitening because of the bad habits. The laptop use is immaterial.

Is There Any Connection Between Computer Tech and Hair Loss?

Most tech-oriented myths about hair loss are all attributable to other factors. However, in many cases, the root cause can be traced back to lack of sleep – and that is where there is a tie to technology.

Blue light from screens (whether from phones, computers, or TVs) is proven to interfere with sleep. And not getting enough sleep at night can lead to various possible health problems – including weight gain and stress – which leads to hair loss. But lack of sleep from other causes like insomnia, illness, or medication side effects can also cause hair loss.

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