Celebrities and Hair Loss

Celebrities and Hair Loss

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Celebrities often rely on their looks to make a living… so when they are faced with issues like thinning hair or pattern baldness, they try to find ways to make it stop or to hide it.

For some, the most obvious solution is to wear a hat. Ashton Kutcher said in 2018 he tried supplements and healthier lifestyle options to fight his hair thinning when it started. When that stopped working, he adopted a look that includes wearing a baseball cap most of the time.

Many country musicians have similarly been able to hide their hair loss under a cowboy hat. Male celebrities with hair loss who hide behind a cowboy hat include some of the biggest names in the industry: Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, and Kenny Chesney to name a few. But what happens when people with hair loss can’t hide behind a hat?

How Do Celebrities Hide Thinning Hair?

Many celebrities opt for hair styles that are clipped more closely to the head or that de-emphasize their thinning hair. Celebrities like LeBron James, Daniel Craig, and Laurence Fishbourne have adopted styles that de-emphasize their receding hairlines and still look good. Others, like Jude Law, have on occasion leaned into the look… making no effort to hide their lost hair.

Still others – ranging from Elton John to Elon Musk – appear to have opted for surgical hair replacement options. Gordon Ramsey, Chris Martin, and Jamie Foxx are also rumored to have gone this direction.

What Celebrities Have Alopecia?

After the incident at the 2022 Academy Awards, even more attention has focused on Jada Pinkett-Smith and her battles with alopecia. “Alopecia” by itself isn’t a great description for what she is suffering since pattern baldness is also a form of alopecia.

For Pinkett-Smith, Nell Bryden, and many other celebrities… the problem isn’t just thinning hair. Some forms of alopecia are an autoimmune response or triggered by stress. In those cases, the hair often falls out with no rhyme or reason – leaving the person with a patchy mess.

Nell Bryden told the Daily Mail that she took her good hair for granted until it started falling out by the handfuls. Devastated, she grabbed her father’s clippers and shaved it all off.

Unlike many male celebrities with hair loss who appear to be trying very hard to hide it, many female celebrities are speaking openly about their battles with hair loss. Rep. Ayanna Presley told The Root about her battle with alopecia, which left her completely bald.

Kiera Knightly acknowledged that years of mistreating her hair left it brittle and thin. Ultimately to the point that she started wearing wigs for roles instead of allowing her own hair to be brutalized for her job.

You Don’t Have to Live with Hair Loss

Once celebrities recognized the problem, some of them decided to “live with it.” But many more realized there are other solutions available. Solutions like the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration procedure aren’t just for the super-rich and famous. To explore your hair restoration solutions, contact us today.